Victory College Prep developed its COVID-19 protocols using guidelines
provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Marion County Public Health Department,
and other local, state, and federal agencies. 


VCP Protocol Categories

Confirmed Case of COVID (VCP Faculty + Staff Members)
  • The employee must quarantine for 10 days following the confirmed test.
  • Grade-level principals must initiate and complete contact tracing.
  • To return to school, VCP must have a dated copy of the original positive test to verify that the quarantine duration has been sufficient, and the employee must have NO COVID-like symptoms.
Quarantine Orders Will Be Issued (Students and VCP Faculty + Staff Members)
  1. When an individual has a confirmed case of COVID;
    • Students/families must notify the school; faculty/staff must notify their supervisor immediately when they have tested positive for COVID.
  2. When an individual has COVID-like symptoms;
    • Anyone experiencing a temperature of 100.4 or greater must be fever-free for 72 hours prior to returning to VCP (or produce a negative COVID test).
    • If a student in any grade level displays COVID-like symptoms during school hours, they will be sent to the isolation room (girls locker room) until they can be picked up by a parent for the day. VCP will have a staff member who can proctor the isolation room “on-demand.”
  3. When an individual is a close contact of a confirmed COVID case;
    • UNVACCINATED – a close contact is defined as being within 3 feet of someone for a period of 15 consecutive minutes or longer.
    • VACCINATED – you are NOT a close contact if 1) you have no symptoms and 2) you have been fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks.
    • Close contacts will be asked to quarantine for 5 days or until a negative COVID test can be obtained.
Student, Faculty, and Staff Requirements

VCP students, faculty, and staff members ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES during the school day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This requirement is REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.

All VCP bus riders are required to wear a mask on the bus, regardless of vaccination status. 

From 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. daily, VCP faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated have the option to remove their masks while working in classrooms or common areas.

Non-Classroom Settings Requirements
  • Masks are required while on the school bus for all students.
  • Masks are required for all guests regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks can be removed during active play (recess and PE) only if social distancing is possible.
  • Athletes are not required to mask at practice or during games.
  • Choir members must remain masked if not vaccinated.
Campus Visitors
  • All visitors to the VCP campus will be required to wear a mask for building entry regardless of vaccination status.

These precautions remain in effect regardless of vaccine status and any changes to public health agencies’ guidance.

  • Everyone in the school must sanitize their hands upon entry and exit to all rooms.
  • Water fountains will remain closed until further notice. (VCP provides students bottled water.)
  • Staff break rooms will be open, but masking protocols will be strictly enforced.
  • Grade 4 thru Grade 12 locker access will be limited to specific times of the day.
  • In classrooms where students rotate, teachers will sanitize desks and equipment twice daily.
  • ALL students will sit in assigned seats and seating charts will be available “on-demand” should the need for contact tracing arise.
  • ALL staff is expected to “self-check” for symptoms daily. Any staff member experiencing COVID-like symptoms should quarantine and contact their supervisor immediately. They should not come to the building for any reason.

 Victory College Prep will return to full in-person learning for the 2021-2022 academic year.
E-learning or virtual learning options WILL NOT be available.


You can find more important information about the new school year on our Back to School Community Webpage!