Annually in May, Victory College Prep presents 4-Star Scholarship awards
to deserving high school seniors with plans to matriculate to college. 

VCP 4-Star Scholarships are awarded through a competitive process with application essays and letters of recommendation reviewed and scored by members of the school’s academic leadership team. 

Awards are valued at $1,000 per year and renewable for the full four years of a student’s undergraduate program in college. Renewals are contingent on student performance in their university coursework and staying on track for timely graduation.

4-Star Scholarship winners and all VCP alumni who matriculate to college receive counseling support through the VCP College Transitions program.


VCP 4-Star Scholarships are donor-supported. Every dollar of every contribution to the VCP 4-Star Scholarship Fund is awarded to a deserving college-bound VCP high school senior.

Thanks to our most recent donors for supporting the VCP Class of 2022!



Miller Transportation

Brandon and Taylor Brown
Business Furniture
Adam Collins

Comfort Systems
Halstead Architects
Sanjeev & Neeru Jyoti
Keystone Construction
LUNA Language Services
Richard Morris
Miller Insurance Group
WIRED Technology

Brent Borg
Ryan Gall**
Jess Monk**
Amar Patel

Marcie Brown-Carter
David Rosenberg

Mike Behling
Ezra Burdix
Yohan Chang
Molly Craft 

Anil Ghandi
Jim Gillen
Andrew Hayenga**
Rahul Jyoti**
John Marshall

Craig & Connie Martin
Kara Masterson
Justin Testerman
Joel Thomas

Priti Arey
Jenna Beck** 
Andrea Behling**
Jerry Behling
Jessica Behr**
Brandy Bennett**
Adam Bogs**
Lisa Bracher**
Avience Brown**
India Bunnell**
Jasmyn Burks**
Stephanie Byrd**
Michelle Cagnin**
Juan Cahue**
Travis Campbell**
Pallavi Chandra
Connie Clelland**
Chante Davis
Drew Dean
Michelle Delashmit**
Kathryn Dixon**
Chelsea Easter**
Rachel Easter
Sarah Foltz**
Rico Francis
Maegan Gaboury**
Priya Gandhi
Cami Heath**
Deke Holt**
Daijon Iguma**
Lorna Johnson**
Merica Jensvold**
Kristin Keough**
Sam Lamkin**
Amanda Laqrafi**
Brande Lewis**
Sarah Lipphardt**
Cindy Martin**
Taylor Massey**
Valerie Miller**
Bill Murphy
Joseph Myers
Gabrielle Nave**
Lindsay Nelson**
Stephanie Newton**
Abigail O’Dell**
NaTazah O’Neil**
Katharine Otolski**
Brianna Puckett**
Kim Randall** 
Monica Reed**
Heather Ren**
Jennifer Ruth**
Patricia Schelling**
Ashley Sciacca**
Ginger Scroggins**
Jesse Sherman**
Katie Sherman**
Courtney Simons**
Isaac Smith**
Sam Snideman
Chad Taylor**

Fred Taylor**
Amber Walker**
Lydia Walker**
Ariane Washington**
Debi Wells
Susan Werbe
Lisa Wills**

**Indicates a VCP faculty or staff member.
We are proud of our team’s support of the 4-Star Scholarship Fund!

These Central Indiana companies support the VCP 4-Star Scholarship Fund