Annually in May, Victory College Prep presents 4-Star Scholarship Awards
to deserving high school seniors with plans to matriculate to college.

The awards are funded by generous donors that support the VCP Firehawks Fund

VCP 4-Star Scholarships are awarded through a competitive process with application essays and letters of recommendation reviewed and scored by members of the school’s academic leadership team. 

Awards are valued at $1,000 per year and renewable for the full four years of a student’s undergraduate program in college. Renewals are contingent on student performance in their university coursework and staying on track for timely graduation.

4-Star Scholarship winners and all VCP alumni who matriculate to college receive counseling support through the VCP College Transitions program.


VCP 4-Star Scholarships are donor-supported through annual contributions made to the VCP Firehawks Fund.

The Firehawks Fund supports vital extracurricular programming that supports VCP alumni’s success in college or a career.



Miller Transportation

Brandon and Taylor Brown
Business Furniture
Adam Collins

Comfort Systems
Halstead Architects
Sanjeev & Neeru Jyoti
Keystone Construction
LUNA Language Services
Richard Morris
Miller Insurance Group
WIRED Technology

Brent Borg
Ryan Gall**
Jess Monk**
Amar Patel

Marcie Brown-Carter
David Rosenberg

Mike Behling
Ezra Burdix
Yohan Chang
Molly Craft 

Anil Ghandi
Jim Gillen
Andrew Hayenga**
Rahul Jyoti**
John Marshall

Craig & Connie Martin
Kara Masterson
Justin Testerman
Joel Thomas

Priti Arey
Jenna Beck** 
Andrea Behling**
Jerry Behling
Jessica Behr**
Brandy Bennett**
Adam Bogs**
Lisa Bracher**
Avience Brown**
India Bunnell**
Jasmyn Burks**
Stephanie Byrd**
Michelle Cagnin**
Juan Cahue**
Travis Campbell**
Pallavi Chandra
Connie Clelland**
Chante Davis
Drew Dean
Michelle Delashmit**
Kathryn Dixon**
Chelsea Easter**
Rachel Easter
Sarah Foltz**
Rico Francis
Maegan Gaboury**
Priya Gandhi
Cami Heath**
Deke Holt**
Daijon Iguma**
Lorna Johnson**
Merica Jensvold**
Kristin Keough**
Sam Lamkin**
Amanda Laqrafi**
Brande Lewis**
Sarah Lipphardt**
Cindy Martin**
Taylor Massey**
Valerie Miller**
Bill Murphy
Joseph Myers
Gabrielle Nave**
Lindsay Nelson**
Stephanie Newton**
Abigail O’Dell**
NaTazah O’Neil**
Katharine Otolski**
Brianna Puckett**
Kim Randall** 
Monica Reed**
Heather Ren**
Jennifer Ruth**
Patricia Schelling**
Ashley Sciacca**
Ginger Scroggins**
Jesse Sherman**
Katie Sherman**
Courtney Simons**
Isaac Smith**
Sam Snideman
Chad Taylor**

Fred Taylor**
Amber Walker**
Lydia Walker**
Ariane Washington**
Debi Wells
Susan Werbe
Lisa Wills**

**Indicates a VCP faculty or staff member.
We are proud of our team’s support of the 4-Star Scholarship Awards and other programs sustained by the Firehawks Fund!

These Central Indiana companies support the 4-Star Scholars through the VCP Firehawks Fund