Victory College Prep is an Indianapolis Mayor-Sponsored Public Charter school serving students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

Our commitment to universal co-teaching classrooms supports the whole student by emphasizing academic and social-emotional learning. Sustained by 100 highly-qualified educators and support administrators, our school believes in restorative discipline practices, and our college-and-career readiness programs are among the best in all of Indiana.

Our community is open-minded and inclusive in building real relationships with students, families, and shared-interest groups to produce better outcomes for the young people we serve.

Victory College Prep seeks to give our students educational opportunities and enable our students to become better contributors to the community through increased student success and achievement in the K-12 environment.  We strive to improve student proficiency and teacher effectiveness, improve services to our English Language Learners, and provide needed Social-Emotional Supports for our students.


Victory College Prep seeks to define our brand in order to improve the school’s sustainability and continue to serve students K-12.  VCP also must improve our enrollment strategy for the long-term, including defining the students we are able to best serve, and we will document an enrollment strategy that positions VCP for expansion in 2025 or beyond.

Victory College Prep seeks to improve our employee experience to support community momentum because our VCP faculty and staff are our most critical school resource. The school must recruit and retain high-performing talent, provide venues for creativity, and increase innovation.


Victory College Prep seeks to increase our engagement with community partners to ensure we are able to give our students greater opportunities, boost opportunities for the school, and increase capital for the organization.  We strive to increase our school’s size and scale of impact in our community.


+ Improved Student Growth

and Proficiency Across Content Areas

+ Expanded Programs

+ Consistency of Experience
and Expectations Across Grade Levels

+ Stronger Supports
for English Learners



+ Improved and More Consistent

Content Delivery Systems

+ Improved and More Consistent
Assessment Frameworks

+ Enhanced Benefits Package

+ Improved Program Supports
and Increased Partnerships



+ A Career-Minded and -Readied

Generation of Talent

+ Codified Programs and Systems
that Offer Regional Benefits

+ New Philanthropic Impact Opportunities

+ Growth in Immediate Neighborhood
Outreach and Engagement



VCP empowers K-12 students with the academic and social-emotional skills to thrive in college and a career.
Our vision is to serve an increasing number of Indianapolis students using data-driven strategies to nurture
above-average proficiency and create K-12 pathways to college and career readiness.


We accomplish goals in the face of obstacles and discouragement.
We are open to change our direction when an idea or strategy is not working.
We embrace and celebrate all backgrounds, racial, socioeconomic, religious, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
We engage with the intent to build real relationships and believe in the power of restorative practices to unite us.
We respect, value, and build trust with one another.
We work as a team and ask for help when needed to meet our goals.
Critical Thinking
We effectively solve problems through data-driven evaluation to identify the best strategies.
We find connections between ideas to make our learning relevant.