co-Curricular Activites

At VCP, we have a robust number of co-curricular activities for students to get involved in.  From photography and film club to Varsity athletics, we have something that will tap into the interests of any student at our school.


We have students sharing their talent and discipline in a variety of middle school and high school sports.  Our current athletic program offers:

  • Cross Country (middle/high)
  • Boy’s Basketball (middle/high)
  • Volleyball (middle/high)
  • Girl’s Basketball (middle/high)


We believe in the enriching value of music and art as an educational tool and form of expression for our scholars.  We host several concerts and recitals throughout the year so our students can demonstrate their hard work and discipline to our community.


Students have the ability to stretch their imaginations and skills throughout a variety of clubs and programs after school. Students are given time to work on their homework, tutoring, and 1 hour of club activities. 
Club Examples:

  • Photography
  • Zumba
  • Author/Poetry
  • Intramural Sports
  • Student News/AV

Looking to Get Involved?

We are always seeking community involvement from parents, guardians, and families who want to volunteer at our school.   If you’re interested in sharing your skills or lending a hand, join our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  The PTO hosts numerous programs each semester and are always seeking new members to join! 

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