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Our Model

In our Lower Academy, students work in small groups designed to encourage
interaction, discussion, and problem-solving with their peers. 

Reading and Comprehension

Small Group Learning

The Learning Center

  1. We group K–1 students according to their reading and math levels.
  2. Second through sixth grade students expand their vocabulary and practice important academic skill sets in The Learning Center. Using these skills, students can maximize their learning during core reading and math lessons.
  3. Sixth graders participate in our LIFE class where they learn important life skills and prepare for college and career by engaging in a variety of real-world activities. Students enjoy experiences such as sewing, cooking, construction, problem solving, personality assessments, college research, and exploring career pathways.


K-6 Torch Bearers

Our Torch Bearers have carried the torch of excellence and demonstrated how to be a successful scholar. These students have perfect (or near perfect) attendance, earned all As, and have no discipline referrals.  Their success is celebrated in a unique manner each semester with a limo ride to a special field trip. 


Students in every grade level participate in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) classes and activities. 

ESL Support

Students whose primary language is not English may participate in our English as a Second Language program. Students receive instruction during the regular school day and the after-school program.


VCP & High Ability

At Victory College Prep students who qualify for the High Ability Program receive tailored small group, whole group, and 1:1 instruction time. They also are given many opportunities to participate in STEM activities, clubs, and mentoring. Students also participate in AP courses once they enter 7th grade.

To qualify for High Ability students are referred for testing by either parents or teachers based off of their capabilities in both academics and/or talents. The CogAT is the assessment used to determine their verbal battery, quantitative battery, and nonverbal battery. These scores are then compared to other norms across the school in determining if they qualify for the Victory College Prep High Ability Program.  For more information on the High Ability requirements in the state of Indiana, please click here.