VCP K-6 School | Quarterly Torchbearers Awards

Each quarter, VCP students are recognized for their academic performance, strong attendance, and commitment to our VCP school values
of Community, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Persistence.

The awardee lists and pictures are from the most recent academic quarter. 

Malachi Barnett
Ariana Gradis
Terrell Hardy
Valeniece Pace
Angela Rodriguez
Emanuel Sanchez Tapia

Grade 1
Tobias Wolfe
Olivia Muniz
Frederick Ulloa Lozano
Paisley Albertson
Aubrey Clelland
Hayden Collins
Makayla Devine
Darius Huggins
Alayah Kelley
Stephen Lewis
DeAngelo Williams

Grade 2
Samira Adjovi
Francisca Quinones
Mauricio Trejo
Khloe Baise
Olivia Norris
La’Miyah Robinson

Grade 3
Carter Bennett
Chandler Miller
Yarelyn Reyes-Sandoval
Journee Powell

Grade 4
Kylan Eubanks
Bentley Fox
Jordan Campbell
Paxon Taylor
Kelli Bertram
Genny Diaz

Grade 5
Josue Hernandez
Keegan Bennett
Jayden Padin Rosado
Maggie Richardson

Grade 6
Lianna Douglas
Yarelys Guzman
Nathaniul Cundiff
Ryan Jones

In celebration of their achievements, K-6 School Torchbearers are received by their peers
in a reception line that spans the length of the VCP school building.

After being honored by their classmates, Torchbearers enjoy a limousine ride
to a fun-filled field trip destination, like the Indianapolis Zoo, SkyZone, and other locations.