Allows Juniors and Seniors to Get Work Experience  

The VCP Fire Internship Program is essential to our goal of preparing students for college and career by providing work experience.

All seniors and juniors, on average over 100 students per academic year, are given a vast array of internship options that pertain to their selected career path. After their decision they are partnered with a mentor who will guide them through their field. Work experience is a requirement for graduation in Indiana so not only does it fulfill that requirement but also leads to a variety of opportunities later in life.

On average our students gain 30+ hours of experience per semester this allows them to hone in on the career they want to pursue and polish their skills before they are out in the real world. It also makes connections with people who could assist them in the workforce later. Many of our students have gotten jobs with their mentors after graduation.

At VCP we fully commit ourselves to preparing students for the future and the internship program is just one part of that.