MAY 6, 2020

Victory College Prep 2020 Senior awarded scholarship at 40th Annual Minority Achievers Awards and Scholarship Gala

Marlon Davis, a senior at Victory College Prep in Indianapolis, IN has been awarded a scholarship to Indiana State University. This scholarship was to be presented at the 40th Annual Minority Achievers Awards and Scholarship Gala.  The Center for Leadership Development scholarship supporters “help make education accessible, affordable, and achievable for CLD participants and their families.” 

Marlon started his academic career with Victory College Prep in kindergarten and will be graduating May 2020.  When planning for his next steps after graduation, he did not consider college as an option due to cost. Marlon applied for several scholarships but continued to receive denials.  As time passed, Marlon felt like college was not in his plan.  When he received a scholarship from the CLD to attend Indiana State University, he felt as though his dream to major in Sports Medicine and Science was finally a reality.  

 “I want to thank my advisor, Mr. Wadley who made me understand that it’s ok to be a leader and always do better.  I wouldn’t have thought about college if it wasn’t for him.”

Marlon’s passion for athletics has no bounds and he considers himself already knowledgeable in a variety of sports but his favorite is basketball.  Marlon aspires to train professional athletes, to improve their talents and care for their bodies to ensure peak performance. When he told his mother about the scholarship, Marlon described her reaction as “ecstatic about the opportunities that it will provide me.  My family sees me doing big things and they’re really proud of me.” 

As he begins college in the fall, Marlon plans to pursue opportunities to work with Indiana State’s Division 1 athletes as a student trainer. Marlon believes that Victory College Prep opened his eyes to opportunities by facilitating college visits. Visiting college campuses helped Marlon see how he could turn his passion for sports into a career. He said, “as soon as you visit your campus you can get a feel that yes, I belong here.” 

Seniors are provided guidance on applying for colleges early and are required to put in applications to at least 6 schools of their choosing. Advisors and teachers assist scholars in their application process along the way.  To learn more about the 40th Annual Minority Achievers Awards and Scholarship Gala, click here.