Victory College Prep (VCP) has earned a top spot in state test rankings among 95 other schools in Center Township. The data shows that VCP scored in the top 10 in every category and in the top 5 for some.


Our VCP value of Critical Thinking promotes our data-driven culture, and some of the most important data VCP academic leaders use to create the best learning and development strategies are the results on annual ILEARN and IREADY Indiana statewide assessment exams. 


Results from testing in the spring of spring of 2023 shows VCP on the rise of various student outcomes, including being one of just a handful of schools and networks to post proficiency growth two years in a row post the COVID-19 pandemic.


Consistent ELA and Math Proficiency Growth

  • VCP is 1 of 3 schools (out of 95) to increase ELA proficiency on ILEARN 2 years in a row by 5% or more.

  • VCP is 1 of 11 schools (out of 95) to increase Math proficiency on ILEARN 2 years in a row by 5% or more.

  • VCP is top 7 for improving combined student proficiency on ILEARN over the past 2 years.

VCP results show the passion our educators put into growing our student proficiency, particularly for our students of color by being in the top ten schools in Center Township (95 schools total) with the highest proficiency rate for our minority and low-income students.


Better outcomes for Black, Latino, and low-income household students

  • VCP has the 7th highest black student proficiency in Center Twp.

  • VCP has the 6th highest Hispanic student proficiency in Center Twp.

  • VCP has the 8th highest Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) student proficiency in Center Twp.

  • VCP has the 3rd highest English Learner (EL) student proficiency in Center Twp.


We work hard to ensure VCP continues to serve an increasing number of Indianapolis students using data-driven strategies to nurture above-average proficiency and create K-12 pathways to college-and-career readiness. 


Victory College Prep empowers K-12 students with academic and social-emotional skills to thrive in college and career. Results of these tests play a small part in how we are helping these students with tools and skills they need to succeed beyond high school. By continuing to foster an environment of growth and development along with rigorous coursework, VCP serves students from historically marginalized communities better. 

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